Within a rapidly evolving environment, Bank Audi believes that the contribution to the flow of economic, monetary and financial information is critical. Research efforts date back to 1991, the first year after the civil war, when the Research Department of Bank Audi was established and rapidly evolved to incorporate one of the most comprehensive databases on Lebanon's economy and its sectors of activity. The economic database run by the Research Department has been growing steadily, providing the Bank with a greater degree of mastery over both its current macroeconomic environment and its banking positioning. This entails adequate environment analysis, appropriate assessment of the competition and ultimately proper forecasting of the key forces that might influence the operating conditions of the Bank in the near future.

The Research Department today publishes Quarterly Economic Reports considered a reference source on the Lebanese economy, and provides the Bank's view with respect to the most recent evolution of macroeconomic and sectorial aggregates. It also publishes annual reports such as the Country and Market Update which provides an analytical overview of the investment environment in Lebanon and its capital markets. Moreover, it publishes weekly newsletters outlining the most recent economic and market developments in Lebanon. Last but not least, the Research Department also undertakes punctual studies on key economic and policy issues upon request, and provides an internal decision support system at the level of sectorial research and company research.

Research Department
Bank Audi sal
Bank Audi Plaza - Bab Idriss
Beirut 2021 8102 Lebanon
P.O.Box: 11-2560 Riad El-Solh
Beirut 1107 2808 Lebanon
Phone: 961-1-994 000
Fax: 961-1-985622
E-mail: research@banqueaudi.com