ASIB is an active member of the Beirut Stock Exchange, accounting for trades representing approximately 12 per cent. by value of all trades made on this Exchange during 2001.

For the last three years (1997, 1998,1999, 2000, and 2001), a total volume in excess of USD 2,440,000,000 has been traded on the BSE, USD 625,000,000 of which were traded through ASIB.

In addition to BSE stocks, ASIB trades Global Depositary Receipts (GDRs) Lebanese Companies, which are shares listed on the London Stock Exchange. There are currently 4 listed Lebanese GDRs: Solidere, Bank Audi, Banque du Liban et d'Outre-Mer, and Banque Libanaise pour le Commerce.

Finally, ASIB is involved in trading shares of companies that are Over-the-Counter (OTC), such as Casino du Liban, Fransabank, or Société des Grands Hotels de Beyrouth, to name a few.