The Audi Saradar Investment Bank 10-years Euro CD was successfully closed on the 19th of April 2000, with the following characteristics:

Issuer: Audi Saradar Investment Bank
Guarantor: BANK AUDI (Rated BB- by S&P)
Type: USD Euro CD
Lead Manager: Crédit Suisse First Boston (CSFB)
Amount: USD 100 million
Issue Date: 19 APRIL 2000
Payment Date: 08 MAY 2000
Maturity: 08 MAY 2010
Coupon : 10.75% Semi-annual
Issue Price: 100%
Structure: Fixed coupon bullet maturity
Redemption: 100%
Listing: Luxembourg

This issue marks another milestone in Bank Audi's and Audi Saradar Investment Bank's achievements as it was the first time a middle eastern private institution borrows for a maturity of 10 years in international markets.